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A dialog to pursue the Nature of Reality FIERCELY and UNCOMPROMISINGLY, within a community of fellow seekers.

After having published my book “Fierce Illumination” - grief as a spiritual teacher, I created this site as an extension to my ongoing exploration into the Ultimate Nature of Reality. On Monday, May 14th 2007, my son, Ofir died in a car accident. I am not willing to accept that he has simply disappeared - gone. I praise and mourn his physical loss, but… I know there is more - the story does not end with his death. Where is “he” now? Where did he go? How does this all work? Is there a point to us showing up as physical life forms for the briefest of moments and then, poof! – gone. These questions and more are what I am devoting the rest of life to. I do not do this as a bitter or angry man, on the contrary, I do it with joy and gratitude. He has given me a gift and I am taking this sacred gift out into the world, but I cannot do it alone. I am reaching out for help to my other fellow human travelers. The goal is that together, we immerse ourselves into exploring the depths of the Nature of Reality and to answer many of the questions asked above.  Please share your experiences – let’s dive inward and begin our journey.

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