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FIERCE Illumination

Grief as a spiritual teacher



This captivating story is a tender and raw account of a boy who grew up under the apartheid system in South Africa. His journey ultimately leads him to America where he and his wife raise 3 boys. When their middle child tragically dies in a car accident, his inconsolable grief sends him on a hero’s journey, with many victories and losses along the way. Finally, after years of searching, the author thinks he is on the brink of piercing the veil, of understanding the nature of reality, when something happens, and all seems lost. Defeated and exhausted, he gives up. But then, seemingly out of nowhere a breakthrough comes: a moment of profound—and fierce—illumination.

fierce illumination
The Alchemy of Remembering
Coming Soon: "The Alchemy of Remembering"
a new novel by Martin Chelser

Billy, Sam and Arrow that Pierces take us on an evocative journey throughout time and space where Native Wisdom, Spirituality, and contemporary rational thought come together. A vivid and historically accurate portrayal of 1800's New Mexico focusing on the Diné people, with a parallel portrayal of present-day California. Through a journey of souls, the 2 different time periods and locations intersect in a profound and powerful expose.

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Martin Chesler


Born and raised in South Africa, Chesler moved to Israel after graduating high school, and shortly thereafter launched a large cotton growing venture. After immigrating to California in 1981, he started many successful business ventures, primarily in agriculture; married, and raised 3 boys. After the tragic death of his son, Ofir, a grief-stricken Chesler embarked upon a journey to find his son that was really a journey to find himself. This ten-year period was not only a recovery from grief but an exploration of all things metaphysical, leading to the writing of Fierce Illumination, his first book, which has already received critical acclaim. Chesler is now writing a second book, a novel titled The Alchemy of Remembering that alternates between two different time periods and places (New Mexico in the 1800’s and present-day California) while exploring themes of Native wisdom and spirituality. An avid outdoorsman, Chesler now lives in northern New Mexico, where he devotes much of his free time to biking, hiking, or fly fishing.

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